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Pdo thread lifting

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....the Ultimate Non-surgical lift .....

  combat aging

PDO thread is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require general anesthesia nor big incisions for your patients. There are tiny barbs strategically placed and molded all around the thread. Once the threads are placed into the skin, the barbs anchor onto sagging skin, and the thread can be maneuvered to achieve a naturally youthful and defined look. Not only can it improve the appearance of sagging skin, PDO (polydioxanone) can also help promote the stimulation of collagen and neovascularization, which helps to improve skin elasticity, texture, fine lines, and volume for a timeless rejuvenation.


collagen changes with age

ages 20s

• High collagen production keeps skin      plump and firm.

• Some dynamic wrinkles around the         eyes and cheeks are normal.

Ages 30s

• Collagen levels decrease try roughly  1 % per year.

• Wrinkles are deeper-set and more      prone to discoloration

Ages 40s

• Volume loss makes sagging more     noticeable.

• Wrinkles and skin damage are more       visible ard harder to treat

ages 50s

• Bone and tissue volume shrinks, leaving more loose skin and a hollow appearance.

• Skin is prone to damage.

Age 60s

• Visible volume loss in the bones and tissue.

• Damaged skin and static wrinkles can create a jowly and drooping appearance. 

  • Non Invasive Non Surgical Treatment

  • Little To No Downtime

  • Fully Absorbable

  • Instant Skin Lifting and Contouring

  • Firms and Tightens Skin

  • Promotes Collagen Synthesis during PDO Absorption

  • Can Be Used In Tandem With Other Facial & Body Treatments

  • Designed To Target All Aspects of Aging Skin.

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